If would be so kind as to indulge me for a few moments, I would enjoy sharing some of my favorite memories from my time playing Alexander in CLOK and COGG.

Alexander's Start: Shortly after arriving in Shadgard in the year 1211, Alexander met Jaster at a merchant event. Jaster rather proudly proclaimed he was wealthy enough to buy anyone in the room anything they would want. Alexander proceeded to ask merchant Lars for the most expensive item he could provide and was given a Serafina pendant that he has since treasured dearly both for the inherent symbolism of the pendant and for its connection to meeting his now longtime friend, Jaster. I should say that Alexander was still struggling to redefine himself at this time just as I the player was attempting to settle on his personality as a new character.

Acarin's Fall: Acarin was at one time a kindly monk of Shadgard's Monastic Order, and loved by many. He was ever quick to offer aid or guidance to any who needed it. I to this day do not know what led to Acarin's fall, but his descent into darkness and conversion into a dastardly sorcerous assassin was a delightful story and series of events to see as a player. I enjoyed the rivalry of sorts that developed between he and Alexander as a result.

Sceptus' Invasion: Around the year 1211 or 1212, Sceptus Corvus was frequently antagonizing Shadgard and its people. During one of his invasions he chose to lead his horde of demons and undead personally. Alexander was able to get a lucky roll and knock Sceptus over with a shield charge, after which the elemancer Nootau summarily dispatched the evil warlock with a flaming boulder to the head. Less pleasantly, in one of these invasions Alexander was slain by Shar, who put her claws through his eyes after he removed his helmet to speak with her more clearly.

The Discovery of Thaelsh: A series of strange visions involving a man named Commander Harnlim led us to discover the nether-infested ruins of Thaelsh, cleanse its temple, and set free the spirit of the corrupted commander who had been calling for help. Thaelsh has been one of my favorite locations ever since.

The Storming of Corvus Outpost: A contingent of Viali arrived in Shadgard to aid us in facing the warlock Sceptus Corvus who was rising to great power and stirring up an alarming amount of nethrim. We were able to storm Corvus Outpost, slay many nethrim and demons, and free the captives that were held within.

Alexander's Arrest: A less fortunate result of the arrival of the Viali contingent was Alexander's arrest by a Viali Justiciar. Alexander became quite well-acquainted with the prison cell of Valeria for the following weeks. It was thrilling for me as a player to see Alexander's past catch up with him.

Shethy's Ruined Shrine: Since returning to my character in COGG, some of my favorite interactions have been with the character Hoss. I was particularly interested in his theories about an alternative interpreation of the Blood God, which he named Ol' Shethy. I was at one time able to help Hoss in picking up the ruined remains of a shrine he had attempted to erect in Shadgard, only to be destroyed by some townsfolk. A very interesting storyline and one I hope will continue to develop sometime.

Donations to the Needy of Mistral Lake: In more recent times Alexander was able to organize donations for the people of Mistral Lake. Many other characters sent donations, and Alexander was able to deliver them to Mistral Lake and meet with a familiar face in the form of Sister Sophia. This event allowed me to feel truly involved in the Church of Light again, and is responsible for my renewed interest in playing the character. I believe it also spurred certain other events, but I will keep my conspiracy theories in-game as these incidents have been more recent and I do not wish to spoil anything in an OOC manner.