The Inner Light, or Thaumaturgy

Thaumaturgy is the ability for an individual to be able to draw on the Inner Light to various ends. Such practitioners are called thaumaturges. The Inner Light is believed to be an innate source of inspiration and power that dwells within the souls of all of mankind, though it requires adherence to a strict discipline and philosophy to draw upon. Its effects are known to include providing powerful inspiration, healing wounds, purging nether, and serving as a source of literal light. When physically manifested it is in the form of a golden light.

The source and origin of this power is uncertain. Many believe it to be an innate property of the souls of humankind. There are some few who believe it may originate from Serafina the Torchbearer, though the commonly accepted belief is that Serafina serves only as a guide and not the source.

The Church of Light cautions against the misguided assumptions some make that thaumaturgic ability is a measure of goodness, or that all good people may become thaumaturges, or that an individual's inability to practice thaumaturgy indicates that they are of lesser goodness. It is merely a sign of an individual being adept at one particular spiritual discipline.

The Church of Light

The Church of Light is described as a spiritual charity organization based upon the philosophy of the Inner Light and the teachings of St.Vito and Serafina. Though it has an Immortal patron and guide in the form of Serafina the Torchbearer, it is not in fact a religious institution and does not focus on worship of any Immortal. It is a Lost Lands offshoot of the Church of St.Vito which originated in Constantia, and focuses foremost on the three tenets of Compassion, Charity, and Self-Reliance. These tenets are believed to be linked to the Inner Light.

Membership in the Church of Light is not limited to thaumaturges. In fact, membership of the Church of Light is primarily made up of individuals without any thaumaturgic ability. The bulk of members are individuals who merely wish to do good for their fellow man, often in tandem with seeking their own self-improvement and heightened sense of self-worth through the philosophy of the Inner Light.

The Church of Light is dedicated to spreading compassion, charity, and self-reliance, but they do not proselytize. They are content to serve as an example.


Those members who seek particularly diligently to tap into the Inner Light through the methods taught by the Church of Light are now referred to as Ascetics, following a path of rigid discipline, spirituality, and humility. Such individuals are taught from the beginning that they should be willing to accept that they may not succeed in harnessing the Inner Light through their practices, as the lifestyle does not suit everyone, and not everyone is willing or capable of changing themselves to be suited to it. Nor should they: The Ascetic's Path is only one of many ways that an individual might find fulfillment and self-worth, and one that is frankly not appealing to many.

Ascetics in the Lost Lands are increasingly being called upon to defend the defenseless and contain and purge the rampant spread of nether and feral nethrim, much like the Templar were tasked with until their order was disbanded by the King of Ivial. There are some Ascetics who continue to uphold the ways of the Templar and seek to continue their work, reciting the Templar Code despite the order's official disbandment by the King.

Those interested in walking the Ascetic's Path are cautioned that doing so solely to gain the powers granted by the Inner Light will almost certainly be met with failure. A common adage is that the type of person able to draw on the Inner Light is also the type of person who would not be bothered if it turned out they were unable to do so. The actual meaning and wisdom if this adage is at times debated.

Ascetics are expected to adhere to the discipline and philosophy written of in the Edict of St.Vito. The following are some of the qualities, disciplines, or guidelines they must adhere to: (taken from this BBS post)

OOC guide

Here I will give some OOC advice to those who may wish to have a character set out along the Ascetic's Path. It is a compilation derived from my own experience, the observed experiences of my peers, the advice of NPCs, and OOC community discussion with staff on the subject. It is my hope to put much of it into an IC book one day, but some of the advice is difficult to portray in an IC manner.

Simple Adivce

Complicated or Controversial Advice