About Alexander

Alexander hails from blessed Ivial, and has called Shadgard and the Lost Lands home since the year 1211.

Homeland: Luccere, Ivial

Full name: Alexander Candelori. Some know him as Alessandro

Guild: Warrior

Class: Guardian

Spirituality: Adherent of the Church of Light, the Edict of St.Vito, and the teachings of Serafina the Torchbearer

Citizenship: Shadgard

Darkest Secret: He asked a question once during a heated debate with one Kent Gunderman

About Me

I am a man whose interests include playing online MUDs; hence this website about my character in one such MUD. My account handle in COGG is Candelori.

When I created the character of Alexander, I found it entertaining to method act after a fashion even in OOC situations. Thus even on chat, the BBS, and on this website I try to maintain his manner of speech and stay true to his Viali habit of never asking a direct question. It has been an interesting experience that I have not deviated from for more than ten years, and though at times it can be tiring, I do find it a fun and entertaining exercise. At this point I would not feel right to do otherwise; I feel Alexander and I are connected in this way and I would not want to shatter that after so many years. I apologize if I ever annoy or frustrate anyone as I attempt to speak in the Viali fashion and refrain from the use of question marks.